The heart of the sopython community is the Stack Overflow Python chatroom.

We are an active and friendly room full of Python experts and beginners who all share a common love for the language. Whether you're a veteran Pythonista or looking to start learning the language you're more than welcome to join us. As with any community we have our own set of rules and etiquette which are set out below, please be considerate and take the time to read them.

Incidentally, if you've just been greeted with the word "cbg" or "cabbage" then you may want to have a look here...

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This room has its own policy as to how cv-pls tags should be used. Please take a moment to read it here if you wish to assist the community in clearing up the site.


  1. Be nice.
  2. If nobody responds to your question, that means no-one in the room is able to help (either because they don't know, or are too busy to answer right now). Please don't spam the room with further requests for help on the same question. It will only annoy people and make them less likely to want to help you in future.
  3. Especially don't use @username notification unless that user has already told you it's okay to ping them; that's like jabbing someone in the shoulder and saying "Hey! Answer me!", and will quickly mark you out as someone to be avoided.
  4. However it is acceptable (and encouraged) to @username people where it assists in the flow of existing conversations.
  5. Cute fluffy animals (especially kittens and puppies) are cool, okay!?

Posting Question/Answer Links

  1. Do not link your recent (< 1-2 days) questions in the room. The main site is the dedicated space for posting questions, and having them answered.
  2. If you have posted a question on the main site and a significant amount of time has passed without receiving a satisfying answer, then you can discuss your question in the room.
  3. You should never simply link your question into the chat room without staying to discuss it and should usually only link it when having been asked by others.
  4. Linking questions which are not your own recently posted questions is alright as long as it serves a purpose, and you are willing to discuss answering it, or are suggesting it be closed.

Asking a question

  1. You do not need to ask if it’s okay to ask a question.
  2. You may ask your question without a preamble.
    For example, you do not need to say “anyone here know Django?” before asking a question about Django. Even if you do, the Django experts in the room might not step forward until hearing the actual question. They may not wish to commit themselves to help until they know how much effort it will entail.
  3. Only paste code directly into chat if it is not very long.
    There is no hard limit, but about a dozen lines is acceptable. For longer code, use an external paste tool such as dpaste.
  4. Double check that your code is properly formatted.
    For a multi-line post to retain its indentation, every line (including empty lines) must be preceded with four spaces. Paste your text and indent it with Ctrl+K. Alternatively, press the “fixed font” button that appears next to “send” and “upload” when your post is more than one line long.
  5. Don’t star posts to reward users for answering your question.
    For most users, your gratitude is reward enough. Alternatively, if your question meets StackOverflow’s standards, you may post your question there, and invite the answerer to make a reply which you may accept.

Contact Us

We believe that the Python chatroom should be a friendly and welcoming place. If any behaviour in the room makes you feel uncomfortable, you can @notify one of the room owners and we'll do our best to sort it out.

If you wish to contact the sopython room owners you can also feel free to drop us an email.