A “close vote” (CV) is a vote cast on the Stack Overflow site that closes a question. You must have at least 3,000 reputation to cast a CV. It typically takes three votes to close a question, though experienced users can close duplicate questions with a single vote.

cv-pls stands for “Close vote, please”. It is a tag ([tag:cv-pls]) used by members of the room to request that other users look at a question and consider whether it should be closed or not.

Very important: you are under no obligation to vote to close. If you don’t know whether something should be closed, then don’t vote. Similarly, if you disagree with someone’s interpretation of a question, then feel free to speak up and discuss it.

We have put together the following rules for using cv-pls in the room. Occasionally (for example, during a burnination), these rules may be suspended, but unless you know otherwise it’s best to assume they’re being enforced.

This page is specific to the Python room; if you came here from elsewhere (welcome, stranger!) you should substitute your own topical tags where this guideline says “Python”.

  1. cv-pls requests should be either related to Python, be from a low-traffic tag, or be truly awful.
  2. Flag spam and offensive posts rather than closing them. You can use [tag:flag-pls] to bring them to our attention if necessary.
  3. Add a reason to your request, so others know what to look for when evaluating the question. It can be as simple as “too broad”, “needs mcve”, etc. Adding a reason signals to others that you are invested in the question and that you understand your request.
  4. For new Python questions we have put into effect a 10-minute grace period. Please don’t cv-pls during the first 10 minutes of a question’s existence. This allows the OP time to edit any further detail in, or reply to comments. You are, of course, free to vote to close as soon as you like, just don’t cv-pls it to the room.
    • As a corollary, if a question is already being handled by the community, it probably doesn’t need to be posted in the room.
  5. There are exceptions to Rule 4. These are instances where there is not really anything the OP can do to improve their post. Exceptions to Rule 4 are:
    • Typos
    • Duplicates
    • Resource/tool/library requests
    • Spam
    • Offensive posts
  6. Please try to refrain from posting snarky comments on questions. We were all new once, and being rude does not help. Whilst we cannot stop users from posting snarky comments, if you continue to do so and also use the Python room then it reflects badly on the rest of us, which will not be tolerated.
  7. We strongly recommend that if a bad question could be improved by the OP that comments requesting such improvements be made before you close-vote. That’s not to say that everyone who close-votes such questions needs to comment, but there should be at least one comment to let the OP know what’s wrong with the question and what they need to do to make it suitable for Stack Overflow. Otherwise, the 10 minute waiting time is fairly meaningless.
  • Avoid using scripts or bots that generate mass requests. Flooding the room with requests, especially ones that looks like a script generated them, does not leave a good impression for others joining the room.
  • Additionally, the following information is generally not necessary: the python tag, a link to the user (votes are about content), or a timestamp (irrelevant after the 10 minute rule).

Finally, you may also see delv-pls ([tag:delv-pls]) used. This is used in a similar fashion, but is used when asking that people considering deleting a question/answer, as opposed to closing. The privilege to cast delete votes is unlocked at 10,000 reputation.

Please only ask for deletion of closed questions that are likely to attract a lot of comment noise or are already causing such a disruption. Questions that have been put on hold should normally remain undeleted for the possibility that the author improves the post such that it can be reopened. There are automated processes in place that’ll take care of most posts that deserved the cv-pls treatment so no additional manual delete voting is required.