Installing Userscripts

Before installing a userscript, you may need to install a userscript manager extension:

(Managers marked with a “*” are not guaranteed to be reputable, functional, up-to-date, or extant. Use your best judgment before downloading.)

Once the extension is installed, navigating to the .user.js file in your browser should prompt you to install it. If the file is hosted on Github or Gist, click the “Raw” button.

installation window example

Installing Userscripts As Bookmarklets

If you can’t or dont want to use a userscript manager, many userscripts can be saved as a bookmarklet. Bookmarklets are supported by every browser that supports javascript.

Check the userscript’s page to see if it provides a bookmarklet version. For example, provides a SoChatSpoilerAdd.bookmarklet file.

Create a new bookmark in your browser, pointing to any page. Open the bookmark’s Properties window. Erase the existing URL and paste in the contents of the bookmarklet file.

If the userscript page does not provide a bookmarklet version, it may be possible to create one yourself. Edit the .user.js file so the script appears entirely on one line. You may need to add semicolons between consecutive statements, and braces around one-line conditionals. Once the script is on one line, add javascript:(function(){ to the front, and })(); to the end. Then create the bookmarklet, as described above.

Once the bookmarklet is created, you can use its functionality by clicking on the bookmarklet in your bookmarks menu. (Make sure the current tab is the page you want to run the userscript on)