This is the list of Cabbage Enhancement Proposals (CEPs).

CEP0 - There shall be no CEP 0
CEP1 - sopython-site should have a search bar
CEP2 - sopython-site should have a pine fresh scent
CEP3 - The Starconomy Stabilization Act, a.k.a. sopython.set_maximum_starred_comments("Kevin", 3)
CEP4 - Cabbage should have a logo including 7 perpendicular lines, market research indicates that at least one line should be drawn in the form of a kitten.
CEP5 - All even numbered CEPs no longer apply. Odd CEPs apply twice as much to compensate.
CEP6 - Propose a fork of BeautifulSoup called BeautifulCabbageSoup.
CEP7 - Insane Fridays are totally a thing now.
CEP8 - The ratio of rabbit/all_other_cute_animals is too damn high.
CEP9 - The following should be added to the sopython website :- Warning: this website occasionally contains Salad language (which may be unsuitable for linguists), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced Python (which may be unsuitable for java programmers). in the vein of xkcd.
CEP10 - Members should be entitled to wear hats made of cabbage all year round
CEP11 - sopython should have a poker page for regulars to play in between burning tags.