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2020 Q1 General Meeting

Tentative place: The MetaPython room

Tentative time: Friday, February 7, 2020-02-07 16:00:00 UTC

The time is in UTC. Click the link to see your local time.

All members of the community are welcome to participate.


  • overview of room meeting procedure
  • review of previous meeting and resolution kanban
  • Should room meetings be held in the main room, or MetaPython, or some other place? As a test run, this meeting is being held in MetaPython. Is it going well?
  • Establishment of tentative date for next meeting (Tentatively tentative date: May 15)

To add agenda topics, edit this page (if you have 100+ reputation) or ask a room owner in chat. Be specific. Note that except for minor, last-minute topics, we will not plan to discuss anything not on the agenda.
The deadline for adding items to the agenda is 24 hours prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Why do we hold these meetings?

We like to be open with what we do in the sopython community and with what plans we have for the future.

As such we like to hold these open-house meetings every once in a while for the development team to let everyone know what they’re up to, as well as letting anyone voice any opinions they have to the community at large (be they positive or negative). If you cannot attend the meeting but would like to be involved within sopython then you are of course welcome to bring this up with one of the room owners at a more convenient time.