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2018 Q3 General Meeting

Tentative time: Monday, November 19, 2018-11-19 16:00:00 UTC

The time is in UTC. Click the link to see your local time.

All members of the community are welcome to participate.


  • review of previous meeting
  • ???
  • The Python community prides itself with inclusiveness, and welcoming… Sadly, SO does not reflect this at all, to the contrary: Regarding the welcome newbies, should we invite some new comers (criteria tbd) that have a question a little bit off format to the sopython chatroom (or another room for that matter), either to guide them into asking a better question, or to address their concern via direct chat? I take for instance a question where a young lad (12th grade) was asking for guidance to further his study of python after spending time working on python/processing, but because it is outside the requested format, his question was closed and deleted. @Arne found it was maybe a good point to discuss; @Antti mentioned that there was the mentorship project at somemoment, but it failed; @PM2RING reminded us that it could work if the newbie has adequate communication skills and a problem that’s well-focused enough to resolve by a dialog in chat, but too broad for the main site. However, low-rep users can’t talk in chat. There have been numerous proposals (eg by @JonClements) to make it possible for such users to talk in chat if invited by a high-rep user / room owner, but nothing has ever come of it. [topic proposed by @ReblochonMasque]
  • @Arne: Would there be value in something like a bulletin board for things like job referalls? I imagine it would be very noisy/spammy to bring up stuff like that in the room itself.
  • Establishment of tentative date for next meeting (Tentatively tentative date: February 18)
  • Stop biasing the starboard and just let it grow organically? It’s quite subjective what posts are relevant/interesting/amusing, so a curated starboard just reflects whatever the RO find relevant or interesting and not what the wider room might be interested in.

Please let us know in chat and/or edit this page to add agenda topics. Be specific. Note that except for minor, last-minute topics, we will not plan to discuss anything not on the agenda.
The deadline for adding items to the agenda is 24 hours prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Why do we hold these meetings?

We like to be open with what we do in the sopython community and with what plans we have for the future.

As such we like to hold these open-house meetings every once in a while for the development team to let everyone know what they’re up to, as well as letting anyone voice any opinions they have to the community at large (be they positive or negative). If you cannot attend the meeting but would like to be involved within sopython then you are of course welcome to bring this up with one of the room owners at a more convenient time.