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Tentative time: Tuesday, August 21, 2018-08-21 16:00:00 UTC

The time is in UTC. Click the link to see your local time.

All members of the community are welcome to participate.


  • review of previous meeting
  • How can newcomers to SOPython contribute?
  • The welcoming and what it means for moderation of chat.
  • Disputes with an RO and how to resolve them constructively.
  • Establishment of tentative date for next meeting (Tentatively tentative date: November 19)

Please let us know in chat and/or edit this page to add agenda topics. Be specific. Note that except for minor, last-minute topics, we will not plan to discuss anything not on the agenda.

Why do we hold these meetings?

We like to be open with what we do in the sopython community and with what plans we have for the future.

As such we like to hold these open-house meetings every once in a while for the development team to let everyone know what they’re up to, as well as letting anyone voice any opinions they have to the community at large (be they positive or negative). If you cannot attend the meeting but would like to be involved within sopython then you are of course welcome to bring this up with one of the room owners at a more convenient time.

Summary of meeting

The meeting began at 2018-08-21 16:00 and ended at 2018-08-21 18:00.

Do we have fewer gold badgers than other rooms? Try to gather objective data on this.
Continue to monitor the presence of inlined images and oneboxed links. How many could be considered Not Work Safe? Assume that bosses don’t want us looking at anime.
We should put together a summary of the 2018 Q3 meeting. (You are here.)
We should put up a wiki page for the room meeting earlier than one week ahead of time.

Let’s establish a mechanism for user grievances.
- a Meta Room Six chatroom on SO, which we keep from being frozen by pinging it every couple of days
- a Meta Room Six chatroom on some third party site or IRC
- a feedback submission form on SOPython.
- … And it should be private.
- … No, it should be public.
- … No, It should be public, and anonymous.
- Let’s just keep airing grievances directly in the room. (controversial)
- Let’s just fight it out on Stack Overflow Meta. (controversial)

Some users feel that our membership numbers are lower than they could be, because of the behavior of the ROs. ROs, try to accept criticism more professionally.

Let’s try harder to give users a warning before we kick them.
… Unless they’re recurring problem users that have shown no signs of improvement for an extended period.
And if we kick recurring problem users without warning, users should understand that this is because they are recurring problem users that are not interested in improving.
Let’s try harder to communicate that to the rest of the room so it doesn’t look like we’re being mean for no reason.

Include a link to SOPython’s Github page.
Try to create user-friendly guides for contributing to SOPython

When should our next meeting be? November 19th passed without objection, but it is unclear what time it should be, since 16:00 UTC is very late for Australians, and intersects with lunchtime for some Americans.